Partner Consortium

StayWell consortium comprises 7 partners from 6 European countries

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Specific Objectives

StayWell project stipulates four specific objectives.

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Project Outputs

Within StayWell project lifetime four intellectual outputs will be developed.

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The Project

StayWell project is a two-year initiative, implemented in the framework of the Erasmus + programme, Strategic partnerships for vocational education and training.

The project is targeted at secondary VET: learners; teachers, educators, trainers and professionals; psychologists and leaders; representatives of organisations promoting mental health and wellbeing in secondary VET; public bodies involved in secondary VET.


The StayWell online interactive project platform.

  • 01StayWell Skillbox

    The Wellbeing Skillbox is a web-based instrument designed to evaluate, track and inform VET learners about their level of psychological, cognitive, social and physical wellbeing.

  • 02StayWell Wellbeing lab

    The Digital Wellbeing Lab contains web-based learning activities in the form of WebQuests to boost mental health and wellbeing of VET learners.


Intellectual Outputs

The project consists of four intellectual outputs:

1. Wellbeing Mapping Frame

A 4-pillar framework mapping the affecting factors and favouring skills on VET learners' wellbeing

2. Wellbeing Skillbox

A web-based instrument to raise awareness, evaluate and track VET learners' wellbeing

3. Digital Wellbeing Lab

A virtual challenge-based learning environment to boost VET learners' mental health and wellbeing

4. Digital Wellbeing Lab Navigation Guide

A full-cycle navigation tool to facilitate implementation and transfer of the StayWell approach