Results & Outcomes

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Results & Outcomes

StayWell innovative approach will comprise:

  • O1: Wellbeing Mapping Frame providing a thorough understanding of the factors affecting and skills favouring students’ wellbeing shaped in a pioneering 4-pillar frame.

  • O2: Wellbeing Skillbox opening up VET learners’ minds about the importance of their mental health and wellbeing and fostering them to discover and continuously improve the skills, which could help them improve their psychological, cognitive, social and physical wellbeing.

  • O3: Digital Wellbeing Lab creating a virtual challenge-based learning environment for boosting and sustaining VET learners’ wellbeing skills through collaborative work and guided discovery in the classroom.

  • O4: Digital Wellbeing Lab Navigation Guide equipping VET teachers with a full-cycle navigation tool to apply, adapt and transfer the project innovative web approach.


To ensure visibility and encourage wider uptake of project IOs there will be held:

  • Small-scale Conferences in the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and Slovenia

  • Speak Up Event in Brussels

  • Final Conference in Lithuania